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Infrastructural Facilities

We have built a solid technology infrastructure to create a strong backbone for the company and realize current organizational goals as well as the future product demands in an effective manner. In order to provide a contemporary range of Water Flow Meter, Dumper Placer, Industrial Camera and Fogging Machine etc., we use automated systems along with the expertise of skilled workers who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Apart from other units such as production, quality, distribution & marketing, R & D, etc., we also have an internal designing unit with CAD/ CAM facility. The machines we have in our production unit are:

  • Drill Machines
  • External & Internal Grinding
  • Heat Treatment Painting Plant
  • Lathe Machines
  • Mig/Tig Machines

Client Satisfaction

At our organization, client satisfaction is one of the most crucial and significant aspects which is taken into consideration in the process of achieving organizational goals efficiently. We consider it a critical and vital key business performance indicator across the industry. In line with this, we conduct a lot of surveys, which helps us know what exactly client expects and deliver as per these expectations. Moreover, our customer care service team is always there to serve customers by scheduling repairs, up-selling and processing purchases answering questions, taking orders, etc.

Product Portfolio

Our qualitative and diverse range of products enables us to establish long term relationship with our national as well as international clients. The products that we deal in are highlighted below :


  • 1100 Ltr. Dustbin
  • 50 Ltr. Hanging Dust Bin
  • Animal Dustbin
  • Closed Lid West Bin
  • Dumper Bin
  • Flap Lids Vertical Waste Bin
  • Foot Operated Wheeled Waste Bin
  • Foot Pedal Dustbin
  • Free Stand Litter Bin
  • Garbage Bins
  • Garbage Container
  • Garbage Rickshaw
  • Gi Dustbin
  • Giant Wheeled Waste Bin
  • Hand Card Dustbin
  • Hanging Dustbin
  • House Hold Basket
  • Litter Bins
  • Mobile Dust Bin
  • Ms Dustbin
  • Permanent Structure Litter Bin
  • Rectangular Waste Bin
  • Recycle Bin
  • Rickshaw Garbage Bin
  • Road Side Bin
  • Roto Mould Dustbin
  • Sintex Dustbin
  • Sintex S.S. Kitchen Bins
  • Ss Dustbin
  • Waste Baskets
  • Wheeled Waste Bin

Sky Lift

  • 3 Boom Hydraulic Platform Or 3 Boom Sky Lift
  • 4 Post Truck Lift
  • 9 Mtr. Scissor Lift
  • Articulated Boom Lift
  • Articulated Hydraulic Platform
  • Articulating Boom Lift
  • Crane Truck
  • Electric Articulated Boom Lift
  • Hydraulic Ariel Access Platform
  • Hydraulic Ladder
  • Hydraulic Lifting Platform
  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift
  • Mini Door Garbage Litter
  • Scissor Lift 11 Mtr.
  • Street Light Repairing Lift
  • Truck Lift
  • Truck Mounted Articulated Boom Lift
  • Truck Mounted Knuckle Book Crane
  • Truck Mounted Lift
  • Z Boom Sky Lift

Sewer Cleaning Machine

  • Bucket Type Sewer Cleaning Machine
  • Chassis Mounted Sewer Suction Machine
  • Drain Cleaning Machine
  • High Pressure Cleaning Machine
  • Lister Mounted Sewage Suction Machine
  • Sewage Collection Vehicle
  • Sewage Suction Truck
  • Sewer Jetting Machine
  • Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine
  • Sewer Suction Machine
  • Sewer Suction Machine Cum Jetting Machine
  • Tractor Attached Sewer Suction Machine
  • Trailer Chassis Mounted Sewer Suction Machine

Water Tanker

  • 3000 Ltr. Water Tanker
  • 4000 Ltr. Water Tanker
  • Agriculture Water Tanker
  • Double Layer Water Tanker
  • Four Wheeler Water Tanker
  • Heavy Duty Wheel Water Tanker

  • MS Water Tanker
  • SS Water Tanker
  • Tractor Towed Water Tanker
  • Trailer Mounted Water Tanker
  • Trolley Mounted Water Tanker

Fogging Machine

  • Double Barrel Fogging Machine
  • Fogging Machine
  • Handy Fogging Machine
  • Hydraulic Access Platform
  • Portable Fogging Machine

  • Pulse Jet Fogging Machine
  • Remote Control Fogging Machine
  • Thermal Fogging Machine
  • Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine

Sweeping Machine

  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
  • Ride On Sweeper
  • Road Sweeping Machine
  • Tractor Attach Road Sweeping Machine

  • Tractor Towed Road Sweeping Machine
  • Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machine
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Dumper Placer

  1. Dumper Placer
  2. Hydraulic Dumper Placer
  3. Hydraulic Ladder
  4. Powerful Dumper Placer
  5. Side Ladder Truck

  • Single Bin Dumper Placer
  • Tractor Dumper Placer
  • Truck Mounted Dumper Placer
  • Two Dumper Placer

Nala Man

  • Advance Nala Cleaning
  • Chassis Mounted Nala Man
  • Nala Cleaning Machine
  • Open Drain Cleaning Machine
  • Open Drain Desilting Machine
  • Open Nala Cleaning Machine
  • Trailer Mounted Nala Cleaning Machine


  • Bio Mobile Toilets
  • Bunk House Portable Toilets
  • Eco Friendly Mobile Toilet Van
  • FRP Mobile Toilets

  • Mobile Toilets
  • Mobile Toilets Van
  • Portable Toilet Cabin
  • Portable Toilets

Water ATM Machine

  • Mobile Water ATM
  • Online Water Analyzer

  • Water Purifier RO
  • Water Vending Machine

Vacuum Pump

  • Bathroom Cleaning Machine
  • Floor Cleaning Machine
  • Industrial Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Cleaning Machine

Agriculture Trolley

  • MS Trolley
  • Tipping Trolley
  • Tractor Towed Trolley
  • Tractor Trolley


  • Garbage & Refuse Collector
  • Mobile Compactor
  • Refuse & Garbage Compactor
  • Static Compactor


  • 3 Wheeler Mounted Garbage Tipper
  • Garbage Collector
  • Garbage Tipper 1.8 Cum

  • Hydraulic Garbage Tipper
  • Hydraulic Tipper
  • Mini Garbage Tipper

Wheel Barrow

  • Heavy Duty Hand Card
  • Industrial Wheel Barrow
  • Ms Wheel Barrow

  • Plastic Wheel Barrow
  • Standard Wheel Barrow
  • Hearse Van Tempo Traveler
  • Hook Loader
  • Industrial Camera
  • Liquid Waste Handling Equipment
  • Solid Waste Handling Equipment
  • Water Flow Meter